Hot water experts.

With over 50 years in hot water, nobody knows more. Reliable serves you in two ways:

Emergency Service, 24/7

When hot water stops running (and it does), our commercial customers rely on us for immediate assistance around the clock every day of the year. Our quick response keeps you out of hot water with customers and tenants.

Water heating equipment and financing

We provide and finance commercial water heaters, boilers and treatment equipment for hot water dependent businesses. Restaurants. Hotels. Multi-family buildings. Fitness centers, salons and more. We'll answer questions, provide rent/lease/buy analyses & options, and save you money.

The heating season is here! Have you checked your boiler or furnace yet?

It's time to schedule your yearly boiler and furnace tune-ups. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps avoid breakdowns during the coldest months and lengthens equipment life for the long haul.  Here are some things you can do yourself...

Should you rent a water heater? Yes, and here's why...

Reliable Water Services rents commercial water heaters, water softeners, boilers, HVAC equipment and more. One question we hear from people that don't know us yet is “Why would anyone rent a water heater?” To which we say,  “Why would anyone NOT rent a water heater?”

Introducing Referral Rewards

Our new Referral Rewards program means if you refer someone who rents a new commercial water heater, boiler or HVAC unit, we’ll say thanks with an Amazon Gift Card - even if that "someone" is you!  More details here.

Winners of Indiana's 2015 Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challenge

On June 24, Indiana finalists competed for grand prizes and People's Choice awards in Startup and Early Stage categories at Ivy Tech Corporate College and Culinary Center in Indianapolis.  Here's who won.

Wisconsin's 2015 Hottest Kitchen Winners

Grand prizes and People's Choice favorites were awarded on July 23 at Milwaukee Area Technical College's future Food Maker School at 8th & National.  Check out the winners!