Hot water experts.

With over 50 years in hot water, nobody knows more. Reliable serves you in two ways:

Emergency Service, 24/7

When hot water stops running (and it does), our commercial customers rely on us for immediate assistance around the clock every day of the year. Our quick response keeps you out of hot water with customers and tenants.

Water heating equipment and financing

We provide and finance commercial water heaters, boilers and treatment equipment for hot water dependent businesses. Restaurants. Hotels. Multi-family buildings. Fitness centers, salons and more. We'll answer questions, provide rent/lease/buy analyses & options, and save you money.

Introducing Referral Rewards

Our new Referral Rewards program means if you refer someone who rents a new commercial water heater, boiler or HVAC unit, and we’ll say thanks by giving each of you a $150 Amazon Gift Card. Or, refer yourself and you’ll receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card and unbeatable service.   More details here.

Why would anyone rent a water heater?

When people ask “What do you do?” the short answer is simple – HOT water! More specifically, Reliable Water Services rents commercial water equipment – water heaters, boilers, softeners & more – to businesses that need it. The question that typically follows is “Why would anyone rent a water heater?” To that we say,  “Why would anyone NOT rent a water heater?”

The 2015 Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challenge is closed for entries.

Judges are in the process of reviewing entries.Three finalists from each category in Indiana and Wisconsin will be selected and notified the week of June 1. Winners will be selected at final judging events at Ivy Tech Corporate College and Culinary Center on June 24 and at Milwaukee Area Technical College on July 23. Stay tuned for more info!